#YNOT - Ep 60 - Imma Whip Dat Monkey's Ass

Oct 8, 201940 minutes

This week we discuss... NEW NAME FOR THE SHOW - Your News Our Take (#YNOT), AL-B's Mexico Vacation Story, Rad Might Be A Sugarbaby?, Friends Go Hiking And Need To Get Saved, Woman That Walked Into Lion Enclosure At The Bronx Zoo, Woman Bites A Camel At A Truck Stop Zoo, Woman Gets Out Of Car To Argue With BF But Gets Attacked By A Bear Instead, 2 Men Are Fishing While A Friend Takes A Picture And Notices Something In The Background, Man Says "You Don't Have To Do This" To Attacking Bear, Man Surprises His Father In-Law For His Bday But Things Take A Turn (so sad - RIP), 2 Amish Men Get Pulled Over For Drinking And Driving A Horse And Buggy, Watch Your Back Next Time You Walk Outside Your House Cuz These Monkeys Out Here Are A Problem AND MUCH MORE!

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