The AL-B & Radames Prime Show - Ep 59 - Go Old Man! Go!

Aug 29, 201935 minutes

This week we discuss... We're Tipping At Clothing Stores Now?, Rad Is Already Fighting With A Girl He Just Started Dating, Man Shoots Waiter Over Taking Too Long To Serve Him, Be Careful What You Wish For - Cable VS Streaming Services, Alligators Are Now Climbing Fences, Elderly People "Going At It" In A Public Park, Woman Steals A Stroller But Forgets The Baby In The Store, Woman Thinks She Has Water In Her Ear But Doctor Says It's Something Else, Woman Puts Her "Signature Scent" On Before Going Out & Guys Flock To Her Cuz Of It, The Real Reason Corn Flakes Was Originally Created, Man Evades Police While On Mobility Scooter AND MUCH MORE!

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