The AL-B & Radames Prime Show - Ep 51 - Where's Your Poop Knife?

May 22, 201938 minutes

This week we discuss... Can You Complain About Noise Outside When You Live In A Busy City?, Djing At Weddings / Clubs, Woman Puts Her Bare Feet On The Seat In Front Of Her At The Movies While A Person Is Sitting There, Poop Knives Are A Thing?, Should A Wedding Be Cancelled If The Children Of The People Getting Married Get Each Other Pregnant?, There's An App That Will Pay You For Kissing Cows, 8yr Old Finds A Gun At A Charity Baseball Game And Of Course Something Goes Wrong, Company In Germany Is Making Headway On Flying Cars, Waiter Returns a $424,000 Check To A Customer That Didn't Even Tip Him AND MUCH MORE!

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